Atlanta Batting Cage’s New Pitchers Target

Professional Super Heavy-Duty Pitcher target.

We offer Local pick-up or Delivery

We offer to deliver our items for an additional fee, contact us for a shipping quote. Note: We do NOT offer installation or construction of the items after delivery.


Our professional team assembles these products using fine and strong materials, in order to provide only the best quality accessories.

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As a small business, we understand how important building a strong relationship with our customers. We hope our customer service is able to match the quality of our products.

Our Pitcher Target?

No matter the time, day or night, we’re here for you. Not only do we have the healthiest plants around, we have a group group of people who love plants – and to help others!

Need a custom net? You’re in luck.

We custom made netting for batting cages, barrier, soft toss, golf, soccer, lacrosse and we custom made safety screens.